How to choose shampoo products in summer

How to choose shampoo products in summer.
The summer weather is hot and sticky, so you need to change the shampoo products according to the characteristics of the season. Due to the large amount of oil in the scalp in the summer, hair follicles are prone to clogging and cause problems such as hair loss and dandruff. Therefore, you can choose some refreshing oil control shampoo products that contain botanicals such as rosemary, mint, citrus and lemon, which not only remove dirt from the scalp. To control the oil, the ingredients of mint and lemon also keep the scalp fresh and is very comfortable to use in summer.

1. While using the refreshing oil control shampoo, do not forget the maintenance at the end of the hair. Many people do not want or often omit the hair conditioner and mask due to the summer heat. That’s not true. The high temperature is easy to remove moisture from the hair, the shampoo for oil control is not enough, so we must insist that hydration is concentrated in the summer.
2, the shampoo in summer is not too frequent. Generally, it is sufficient to wash once every 2 or 3 days. Washing with shampoo every day or twice a day will stimulate the secretion of oil from the scalp.

Four ways to reduce hair split ends

1, hydrating the scalp
The hair is very dry in autumn and winter, together with the cold wind, it will make it more easily damaged. At this time, the focus of hair care is nutrition, and then hydrating the scalp is the most important thing. The hair follicle of the scalp is the place where the hair is metabolized. It is also the source of hair growth and development. Only by supplementing the hair with sufficient nutrients and moisture can dry and damaged hair be saved.

2, protein shampoo for hair care.
In everyday life, due to bad habits and the use of hair dryers, etc., will cause hair to split, so girls in hair care, may wish to wash their hair with protein shampoo, the yolk and a small amount of vinegar and mix well Mix, apply slowly along the hair, then wash with a towel for 1 hour, so that not only can nourish and repair, but also improve the shine of hair.

3, olive oil compress hot hair
The cold wind in winter is easy to damage the hair, so the regular use of olive oil to heat the hair is a good method of care, mainly for the scalp and the tips of hair, which not only reduce the opening hair related. The hairpin phenomenon can maintain the moisture of the hair roots and make the hair more healthy and hydrated.

4. Correct the gentle wind
In the fall and winter season, for the hair to dry quickly, many people like to use a hair dryer to dry the head or other means for the hair to dry quickly, but the excessive use of the dryer will not only damage skin and marrow, but it is easier to let hair split, dries and falls. If it is to be used, it should be dried with a low wind speed of 5CM.

What are the types of wigs, how to use and maintain them?

The wigs can be divided into fibrous wigs and hair wigs. Due to the different textures of the wigs, the methods of grooming and care are also different.

Fibrous wigs have the characteristics of not deforming during washing, but can not be rubbed by hand when washed, otherwise they will stick together. Washing method: After soaking the wig with warm water, soak it in warm water containing shampoo for 5 minutes; press lightly in shampoo water to remove dirt, rinse the foam with water; Soak the wig in water containing conditioner for 5 minutes, then rinse with water; take out the false release and gently press the towel to absorb the water; comb gently, dry naturally and dry to restore the original shape. Before using the wig, the hairstyle should be combed as a whole and the wood carding tools should be used for carding. Do not comb the area after use, just for a simple partial adjustment.

The hair wig has the characteristics of soft hair, elasticity and strong authenticity. However, it will deform after washing and must be molded. Washing method: Soak the wig with water, soak in warm shampoo-containing water, rub it with your hand to wash away dirt, wash the foam with water, then use conditioner for care, wash the wig and remove it with a dry towel Press To absorb the water, put the wig on the wooden stand and gently peel it. According to the needs of the hairstyle, the coils are made or blown. Hair wigs should be remodeled after each wash, and several grooming tools can be used according to the needs of the hairstyle. The shape of the hair wig should be carried out mainly in the holder, but it should be repeatedly placed on the user’s head during the operation to see the effect, so that the hairstyle is suitable for the face.

The wig should be soft when combing it, and the hair root should not be extracted. When the hair is combed, the heat of the wind should not be too strong. Before the hairstyle is established, first use the test on the head of the guest so that the hairstyle meets the needs of the client.

How to Clean and Maintain the Wigs

First, after you take the wig home, place the imitation on the doll’s head or the bottle as much as possible. Do not put it freely, otherwise it will easily deform. The frequency of cleaning depends on temperature, air quality and personal perspiration. If it’s hot, you should wash it after two or three days.

Usually, the wig is cleaned with a conditioner. If it is dirty, it can also be washed with shampoo and should not be blown with too hot wind to prevent the wig from burning and deforming.

It is advisable to wear a wig for half a month.

When cleaning, first soak the fake in a sink with a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse it gently, and comb the dirt stuck to the wig with a comb with a fine comb, and avoid twisting it. After washing, hit the drops of water with a dry towel, then comb with a comb to get the original hairstyle, dry in a cool place, avoid exposure and use a hair dryer to dry. The real hair that grows on the scalp can get the nutrient supply from the human body, while the wig has no nutrient supply. To protect the normal shine of the wig, you can rub a bit of hair oil in the wig after each wash. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be placed in the box or on the model with a plastic sleeve after washing. You can keep the original hairstyle and avoid the invasion of dust and bacteria. Do not bend it or get caught in clothes.