Virgin Human Hair Wig Pre Plucked with Baby Hair

Just recieved this human hair wig today so this is an initial review. I usually set 30 day reminders to update because there is nothing worse than getting bad hair. It’s packaged very nicely in a box. Came with 3 foam rollers and a note from the seller.

It’s true to natural color. The first thing I noticed when I put the wig on was I was having a hard time with the parting. If you look at it from the inside you’d think you have a good amount of parting space and you do but the human hair wigs seem to be flowing to either the back or the sides.

I took it off and put it on my mannequin head and indeed, if I try to part it in any other place the the tiny part that seemed to be predetermined won’t flow to the sides of the part. The virgin hair kept wanting to go backwards or back into it’s original position. It wouldn’t lay flat. I can try flat ironing it to see it I can change the flow. The small part it did have couldn’t go back to far because the wefts from the non lace part will show.

The virgin human hair is soft and as I ran my fingers through it, a few hairs came out. It’s not a horrible wig it’s just not the best construction. I can work with it.

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