How to Clean and Maintain the Wigs

First, after you take the wig home, place the imitation on the doll’s head or the bottle as much as possible. Do not put it freely, otherwise it will easily deform. The frequency of cleaning depends on temperature, air quality and personal perspiration. If it’s hot, you should wash it after two or three days.

Usually, the wig is cleaned with a conditioner. If it is dirty, it can also be washed with shampoo and should not be blown with too hot wind to prevent the wig from burning and deforming.

It is advisable to wear a wig for half a month.

When cleaning, first soak the fake in a sink with a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse it gently, and comb the dirt stuck to the wig with a comb with a fine comb, and avoid twisting it. After washing, hit the drops of water with a dry towel, then comb with a comb to get the original hairstyle, dry in a cool place, avoid exposure and use a hair dryer to dry. The real hair that grows on the scalp can get the nutrient supply from the human body, while the wig has no nutrient supply. To protect the normal shine of the wig, you can rub a bit of hair oil in the wig after each wash. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be placed in the box or on the model with a plastic sleeve after washing. You can keep the original hairstyle and avoid the invasion of dust and bacteria. Do not bend it or get caught in clothes.